Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting things done...

This last week seems to have been the week for getting things done....Most of it happened over the weekend, but I will let the whole week take credit. On Saturday, we sold my Passat. It wasn't really too painful because we sold it to CarMax. However, it was getting there that seemed to be our problem. Once we arrived, she was sold in under 45 minutes. On Saturday, I managed two social functions by myself. It was ok. Thank goodness for cocktails at both, otherwise I am pretty sure my nerves would have gotten the best of me. My favorite part was walking into Banana two hours before and telling the clerk that I needed something to wear for a bridal shower in 2 hours and she was in charge of picking it out. Had my Mom still been here, she and I would have done it weeks ago. However, things are me waiting till the last minute to buy something. And, on the theme of getting things done, I got a good offer on the house on Sunday night. We can now translate that to, There is a contract pending on the City House. I think Mom did it....just listen the scenario and you might agree too. I had run up to Nordstrom's to pick up something for my aunt. Since I was already there, I decided to look around. Nope, not nearly as much fun without my Mom. And, as usual, I made a quick peruse of the shoes. However, Steve wasn't working so I couldn't dare give the commission to someone else. But, I had decided that I really wanted some brown boots. I've never had brown ones and decided they were necessary. So, I thought that maybe I should just try some on and then could come back to buy them from Steve. Well....this very sweet girl got them for me and I loved the boots. So, I decided to buy them anyway....she looked like she might be in college, or just out, so she might need the money too. As I left to walk out of the store, I noticed I had a voicemail. It was the realtor for the man who had looked at my house 3x and had previously low balled me. He had agreed to my terms. He wanted the house....and the message was left while I was in the shoe section at Nordstrom. While you might not see the connection, I do. I needed to sell my house and I found out that I did while I was shopping for shoes in Nordstrom....something my Mom and I always did together. In some ways, I think she paid for those boots.

As happy as I am to sell the house, somethings about the circumstances frustrate me. As is tradition in our family, we like to rationalize our shopping....for example, the Cinco de Mayo present my Dad bought me a few years ago when we were in Halls...Last I checked, we are not Mesican. (yes, I did intentionally spell it that way). Selling my house would have been another classic great excuse for shopping. With my Mom, I would most certainly have bought myself a "congratulations to me for selling my house' present. She would have helped me pick it out. And, because my finances suddenly look very bright and shiny, I would have wanted to buy her a little something too to celebrate....something to show her how much I appreciated her and buy her prezzie b/c I could....without stressing about money.

This weekend, we are headed to La Crosse. We are going out to see my Dad, and my aunt, because she is visiting. And, I am going to start going through Mom's clothes. For those of you that knew her, you can only imagine what a daunting task that will be. I will probably end up keeping quite a few things for me....But, those things that I don't keep, I have a special purpose for. A friend of my Mom's in Kansas City has offered to help me sell her good stuff that I don't want to keep. I originally wanted to have a party and do it myself. Then, I woke up. Um yeah, not going to happen...I would surely go postal on someone who wanted a 'deal'. After the sale is over, we are going to contribute the money raised to her memorial at the hospital at home. There, I know it will go to benefit many. Who knows, maybe she will end up with her own wing?!

This week is going ok so far. My anxiety level is pretty high and has been since last week. It's not really helping my sleep patterns, but thanks to some good chemistry, I slept for 12 hours on Friday night. That felt so good. The only probably with that is that for quite a few nights after that, it doesn't happen again. Oh well...I have quite a few things planned this week to keep me busy and try to keep my mind occupied. I have loaded up her birthday with quite a few activities....yes, most of them involve cocktails.

Well, I am out of the mood of writing all of a sudden. So, no need to fill this with crap. But, believe me, there will be lots more later this week.

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