Thursday, September 17, 2009

One week later.

As I write you today, my life is very different than it was one week ago. I have now experienced what it is like to be without my mom for one full week. Most of the time, it continues to leave me speechless. For once, I am unable to qualify my emotions or find the right words. However, I have been blessed with an amazing outpouring of support, love, and prayers. For those of you that continue to not know what to say, don't worry, I don't either.....
I would like to share the Eulogy that I gave for my mom as well as the Homily that Todd gave. My mom loved Todd and for those of you that were unable to be there on Thursday, he and I both knocked it out of the park.....Todd was able to do that because he is very gifted....I was able to do that because I am convinced that Mom did it for me.
And, because I am my mother's's time for the lesson. Please be sure that your family is aware of your wishes at life's end. It is best if you have completed an advanced directive as that leaves no questions or guilt for your family in your final hours. My dad and I were well aware of Mom's wishes and it made our decision so much easier. Yes, this is even relevant to you at 30 years old.....tomorrow is not a guarantee.
Please continue to call and really does help. I might not be able to answer but I love hearing from you.

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