Thursday, October 1, 2009

God Given Talents...

Today was a day where I was able to witness the God given talents of many. My day was filled with various errands but on some level, today was a day of amazement. I had a really great session with my therapist. She is so capable and gifted when it comes to relating to, and encouraging me. Today, we talked alot about my career. She knows that I am struggling to find fulfillment in my current job and my life as a nurse. The average person would think that a career as a nurse would be incredibly satisfying. Unfortunately, right now, it isn't. I don't have those warm, fuzzy feelings about nursing that I am supposed to have. Everything seems to be able to get in the way of being a 'good' nurse. Politics, lack of resources, and non compliant patients to name a few. we talked about how I am going to fix that. At this point, I am not sure what the answer is, but I at least have a plan to figure it out. When I start figuring it out...I will let you know.

One of my friends really impressed me this afternoon. She is unfortunately out of work right now. Lucky for her, she was released out of a rotten, unfulfilling job. And, because she is a smart woman, she has her finances in order and saved like crazy for the worst. Yeah for her. However, while that is admirable, that is not what impressed me the most. My friend is one of those people who is really in touch with who she is. She knows what is important in life and what isn't. She knows how to be a good friend and how to listen or respond when you need her to. She recognizes her weaknesses and busts her butt to fix them. And, she's about to take a huge risk. She has previously worked with a life coach and has now decided that she needs to get certified as well. She's going to be damn good at it. She knows what it takes to be happy...and not in the sense of "I drive a Honda Odyssey and lives in my beige house in the burbs." She understands that money can't fix all your problems and that good relationships are worth fighting for. She's going to get out of corporate America and make a difference. And, I would have to say that she has pretty darn good chance of being successful. She will be independently employed and will be able to avoid lots of the ever present bulls---. She is the kind of person I would recommend anyone else to for fixing their life. I am proud of her.

Today was also my first accupuncture treatment in a while. And, I am so glad that I was able to go today. I had started going last spring in a last ditch effort to help my migraines and some of my endometriosis issues. After a few treatments, I really felt like it was starting to make a difference. And, based on all of the issues that I have been having, it was time to go back. Bob, my accupuncturist, amazes me. I told him very little about the last few months and he was able to name off a litany of symptoms that I have been having by looking at my tongue and feeling my in the heck does he do that!?!?! So, I got needled for an hour and then given my herbs to do a little more work on this 'hot' system of mine. My liver and heart are really hot and we need to cool them down. Ok Bob...if you say so, and it makes me feel better, sign me up.

Tonight, however, was the true display of God given talents. A friend of mine was unable to use her Dave Matthews Band tickets for tonight. So, I decided to take two off her hands. DMB is one of the few bands that Bryce and I agree on. For the most part, we have opposite taste in in, he likes yelling and screaming with rotten lyrics, and I don't. However, we both love DMB. Those guys are amazing. Everyone of the seven men in the band is incredibly talented. I could listen to his drummer (solo) for hours. He is are the other members of the band. Those men are so gifted and so blessed to be doing what they love. You can see it in their face when they play. They LOVE what they are doing and they are lucky enough to get paid to do it. As an added bonus, we were also able to see a true American legend perform with him. The Willie Nelson. Ok, so most of you could probably care less about Willie, or think he's crazy. Willie walks to the beat of his own drummer. And, he plays one hell of a guitar. It was so fun to see him tonight as well as see him do Gravedigger with Dave. It was so nice to spend an evening not worrying about the next house project, running errands, and thinking about something else other than putting one foot in front of the other. Tonight I was moving some sort of a dance motion. Although my moves were not nearly as special as the old stoner that was sitting in front of us....that old boy had just gotten off of the Reefer Express.

Alright, it's after 1. Tomorrow (today, now) is Mom's birthday and I will be very busy celebrating in her honor all day tomorrow. I have alot of love to spread and probably quite a few tears. I have a feeling that she's having a big party tomorrow too. It would probably involve a few cocktails, a few smokes, a good steak ( well done---NOOOO pink), a great pair of shoes, and a little Neil Diamond.

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