Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things I am really missing....

1.  Calling to tell my Mom about exceptionally horrific fashion don'ts
2.  Calling her alot during the day because she would be done with finals by now
3.  Calling her on my way home.....from anything
4.  Having her tell me to make sure that now it has gotten cold to make sure that I always have at least a 1/2 tank of gas
5.  Her quizzing me about what she is getting for Christmas
6.  Knowing that there won't be any little boxes from Mr. Elliott under the tree
7.  Calling her after tonight's league meeting to tell her that we raised over 560K for the community
8.  Having the opportunity to tell her about how adorable and loving Todd's dog is
9.  Telling her that I don't feel good and hearing that it will be ok
10.  Telling her what a good girl Claire has been lately
11.  Hearing her stories about all the kids that tried to convince her to pass them when they obviously EARNED a failing grade
12.  Talking to her about the sermon at church while on our way home
13.  Hearing her tell me she loved me
14.  Feeling like a normal human being

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