Wednesday, December 23, 2009

God Works in Mysterious Ways

As I have witnessed before, God works in mysterious ways it seems.  Throughout my work as a nurse, I heard countless stories of how God was at work in other's lives with many supporting details.  I also saw it in my community involvement....and over the last few days I have witnessed my own examples.

Last weekend, I was at home with my Dad and the rest of my family.  Dad was having people over to celebrate Christmas and I had volunteered to help him prepare the food and cocktails.  On Saturday am, as I was busy in the kitchen, Dad ran out to run a few errands.  He came home in tears.  And, I soon found out why.  In the mail that day, he and I had received a package.  Inside the package was a letter and a paperback book.  The letter was from a student on my Mom's at BCCC from the mid-80s.  She had recently heard of my Mom's untimely passing and was writing to let us know what an impact my Mom had on her writing and her life.  A story that I have heard from many students over the years....However, she went on to say that she had been inspired to stick with her writing and had since written a book.  Her book is for women and is about being the woman that God wants us to be.  The book was my copy to keep.  However, the most ironic/mysterious part of the story is that her book was released on July 14, 2009, one day after my Mom passed away.  I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.  How proud my Mom would have been......I know she knows that book was released...however, I wish she would have been here to receive that package.

The other story might leave you almost as speechless as it did me.  I went to lunch today with my new boss to celebrate joining her company and do some talking about plans for next year.  Shortly after we sat down to lunch, she gave me my Christmas present.  I was surprised since I don't even officially work there yet but curious to open this beautiful box.  Before I opened the box, she told me that she had a story to tell me about my present but that I needed to see it first to understand.  At this point, I was puzzled.  I opened the box to find a pair of angel wings....and I knew exactly where they came from.  They were handmade by my Mom's god-daughter....and I had purchased some as well for Christmas presents.  However, Amy's business is still quite small and isn't in ANY stores in the Midwest.  Her business is really conducted online and at a few trunk shows.  However, my boss had randomly (or maybe not) gone to her trunk show when Amy was in town over Thanksgiving weekend.  Karen had seen the wings and decided they would be a perfect gift for me.  She went on to tell Amy about her new employee that was having a hard year and had lost her Mom and was now switching careers.  Amy thought that the story sounded very familiar and asked Karen about her employee's name.....obviously, Karen said, 'Ann Walter.'  Amy went on to tell her about our longstanding family connection.  As far as I am concerned, my Mom and God had a whole lot to do with that.  Karen had no real intention of going shopping that day, however, she found her way to the perfect gift to me....made by a family friend who currently lives in Minnesota.  As far as I am concerned, those wings have already been blessed from above.

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