Friday, February 19, 2010

Those look like you....

That is exactly what my Mom would have said about the shoes that I bought yesterday.

It has come to the time of the winter where I am dying for the dawn of Spring.  I need sun.  I need warm weather.  I need blue skies and a cool breeze that requires a cute trench coat.  And, I needed a new spring pair of shoes.  This was the time of year that Mom and I made our first venture to the mall in search of something that said spring.  We were usually looking for a spring accessory, a new bags, some new shoes, or something to replace the drab of the winter.

Well, yesterday, similar to something like a nicotine attack for a smoker, I bought a new pair of shoes.  I needed them.  And, I needed them at that exact moment.  So, I found my way to Cole Haan in search of a new pair.  I needed something that would be flexible as far as utility but that said spring to me....And, I found them.  And, knowing my Mom the way that I did.  I knew exactly what her comment would have been, "those look like you."  Now let me translate for the rest of you...."Yes Ann, those are ok, I wouldn't ever wear them.  But, I know you will love them, so buy them and be done with it."  So, here are my spring new the way, there were only 2 pair left in the country in my size....and this dear sweet salesgirl at the Plaza store who found them for me.



  2. yes, they are you. I love them too....and would wear them as well :) perfect.

  3. Gail said...
    These are cute and they do look like you! My mom used to word things in just the exact same way. Sometimes, it infuriated me, because, inevitably, I would say "What does that mean?" Enjoy them...I'm jealous!