Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today, I once again learned the valuable lesson of community.  This afternoon, I was at home so that we could get the back window of the truck fixed.  And,as my OCD self went out to check on the installer, I noticed the 2 KS State Troopers at the neighbor's home.  And, being the person I am, I asked them if I could be of any assistance since I knew that those neighbor's are travelling.  " Yes Maam, Ed has been killed in a car accident and we are trying to get ahold of his wife.  We do not think she was in the car with him."  Excuse me??  The kind trooper just informed me that my dear neighbor across the street had been killed in accident while on vacation today.  And, over the next hour, we would learn that his wife was killed in that same accident.

In the blink of an eye, my neighbors are gone.  Both of them.  However, what I noticed was the amazing sense of community as we all gathered in our cul de sac.  Every person in a one block area was connected at once by the quickly spreading word of Ed and Joann's death.  And, while I have lived here the shortest amount of time, I , seemed to know almost the most about Ed.  And, how did I know so much?  Because, Ed and I were buddies.  While I couldn't tell you his favorite restaurant, or his favorite sports team, I could tell you all about this trip they were on and how excited he was that his wife had just retired and that they would now be travelling together.  He was one of many faces I said good morning to on my way home from a run.  And, Ed was the man I always chatted with on my way to get the mail.  In fact, our latest chats were about his son that was about to move here and how I would help him find a home in KC.

My neighbors leave behind two children.  Two sons in their 20s and 30s without their parents.  And, it breaks my heart even though have never met them.    It is devastating to lose one parent, but to lose both in the same day, I cannot even begin to imagine.

And, while I am saddened by the loss of two great people.  I am reassured about the choice we made.  The families that I spent my afternoon with genuinely care about the people around them.  They are concerned with the welfare of each and every one of us.  And, collectively, we are saddened at the loss of our friends.  It was amazing to me to see how much everyone wanted to make sure that everyone knew and was aware of what happened.  And, each family was obviously affected.

It makes me sad to look across at their home and know that they are never coming 'home'.  And, while I know they are now in their true 'home', it is sad to know I will not see them again for a long time.

So, to my followers, I ask that you pray for this family.  Theirs sons will certainly need it in the days and months to come.  We lost two great citizens today.  However, I am comforted by the fact that they were together and they were enjoying their life together.

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