Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's Day... seems as though Mother's Day is coming....and it seems as though the fact that it is coming  needs to be plastered on every piece of radio, TV, and print advertising imaginable.  I realize that it is a HUGE holiday for the retail world and all involved, however, it is a little hard for those of us in my position to stomach all of this marketing.  Mother's Day is coming and I don't have one anymore.  It makes me MAD!  The hardest part is knowing that I know that day is going to be rough.  No phone calls to my Mom, no dinners out to celebrate, and no fun little prezzies to send her way.  And, I know that their are plenty of people on this planet who won't do it up right for their Moms....but they still have their Moms.  Yuck, yuck, and yuck.

I have told my husband that he is responsible for his own Mom this year....He has to go get his own card and do his own thing...probably without me.  I honestly don't think I can stomach the pain of going out to see everyone else happily celebrating their Mom as I struggle.

I know that marketing is for the masses....but this is one of those times that it kills me.  And, I wish I could avoid it....however, the only way that I could avoid all of this marketing is by living in a hole....and while that does sound attractive at times based on my fluctuating level of depression, my sweet husband won't let me live there.

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