Monday, November 1, 2010

The difference a year makes.

Over the past few weeks, I have been struck by the difference of this Fall from last Fall.  Of course, this time last Fall, I was just recovering from pneumonia  and winding my way through some nasty gallbladder attacks....But....that being said.  It's amazing how different it feels.

Not sure if you all noticed, but the leaves changes colors this time of year.  You are probably all saying ' no shit' in your head....However, I have to say that I completely missed that last year.  And, maybe part of that is because I was living way out in the burb land of no trees....But, most of it had to do with my own little fog I lived in.

The one thing I remember most about last Fall was coffee.  And, as dumb as that sounds, it is absolutely true.  My almost daily stop at Starbucks was worth every penny of that almost 4 dollar drink.  That stuff was therapy in a cup.  And, most days, it was the one thing I looked forward to.

As the retailers have politely reminded me, Christmas is coming.  Last year, I would have given anything for that one to pass me by.  So far, this year isn't feeling the same.  Although, I admit that familiar pain came right up in Nordstrom on Friday.  Damn the stupid lip gloss.  The Christmas gift sets are out at the cosmetics counters at Nordy's.  And, Mom always got me one.  Some silly sparkly Christmas promo...but I loved it.

So...what will the holidays bring this year.  To be honest, who knows.  My hope is that we are all actually together rather than stranded here in a blizzard.  In general, I think it will be better.  Not what it used to be.  But better than last year.

I am starting to make my lists of gift ideas.  Some are actually pretty good.  However, it just isn't the same without my buddy to bounce all my ideas off of.

As I am reminded every day, she left too soon.

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